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Armenia Project

In order for Armenian youth and children, residing in Armenia, to take full advantage of their entitlement to education, Armenian Association of Toronto as part of its humanitarian functions through Yalkezian Foundation, strives in improving schools and educational facilities in rural areas of Armenia.

To assist AAT with this project, donations of $10.00 or more are accepted, so that with your support, more youth and children in Armenia would have the opportunity to become educated within a healthy and safe educational environment.

Please go on Donate page and simply fill in the form and donate by credit card of your choice. Also you can donate by e-transfer at  info@aaot.ca. Your contributions could be collected at any AAT organized event as well.

We truly appreciate your support.

Leonidas Ohanian Scholarship

Leonidas Ohanian, a tireless champion of Armenian cultural life, was born in 1929 in Tehran. As a child he was registered in the Haikazian Armenian primary school, but due to the government decree, which closed down all Armenian schools in Iran, he had to attend Iranian schools, graduating from the Firouz Bahram high school.

After working at Shah Bank, and Pars Bank for a few years, he started working at the Koushesh Armenian High School as a supervisor. Later he was promoted to the position of principal at the Shah Abbas Armenian school in Tehran, which he maintained for 17 years. However, after the Islamic Revolution, when the government changed the Armenian school to an Iranian school, Leonidas resigned from his position.

Throughout all these years he was an active member of the Ararat Armenian Cultural Association. He was the director of the Scouts, followed by the Office Director for the Association, and culminating in the Director of the Association. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Saint Mary and Saint Gevorg Armenian churches in Tehran.

Leonidas, affectionately known as Lolo, immigrated to Canada in 1983, where he continued his activism in the Armenian cultural life, by becoming one of the founding members of the Armenian Association of Toronto, and serving as its President for two terms. He believed that all Armenians of the Diaspora have to work together to carry the cultural torch passed on by their forefathers.

Leonidas Ohanian passed away in 2006 in Toronto. The Leonidas Ohanian Scholarship Fund was established to honour his utmost devotion and priceless contributions to the Armenian cultural life.

It is currently donated to sponsor one child, for one academic year, attending “Daniel Ghazarian Musical School” in Shushi, Artsakh, Armenia.

Theatre Classes for Children

Պատանիների թատերական դասըթացներ

Dear Armenian parents,

It is with great pleasure that the Armenian Association of Toronto announces the launching of a new program called “Theatre Classes for Children”.  On this, the 20th anniversary of AAT, and as a part of our growing concern for the preservation of the Armenian language and culture, we plan on concentrating on our younger generation.

It will be a program to train our youngsters in the art of the stage through interesting and exciting classes, full of fun and games, while speaking Armenian.

The program is essentially a long term one, but for now it is very important to know the scope of interest in our community for such an undertaking. If you have a child between the ages of 9 and 15 with a passion for performance or with an interest in being in a fun environment full of games and laughter, while speaking Armenian, please call or e-mail us as soon as possible.

If you have experience in this field, you may also contact us for helping as a volunteer.