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The Armenian Association of Toronto (AAT), a wholly independent community organization, was established in 1996 as a non-partisan, social, communal and cultural association that provides a forum for the sharing of Armenian heritage, as well as the maintenance and preservation of Armenian traditions.

The association, based on engaged participation, seeks to introduce and promote the Armenian language, art and culture throughout Canada. Hand in hand with other cultural organizations, it strives to serve in the spiritual health of its membership and the community at large.

AAT is highly active participant in the charity programs and the cultural affairs of local communities and has maintained a close working relationship with the educators, charity workers and artists in Armenia.

Also, in order for Armenian youth and children residing in Armenia to take full advantage of their entitlement to education, AAT, as part of its humanitarian functions through Yalkezian Foundation, strives to improve schools and educational facilities in rural areas of Armenia.